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About 1350


Every person is creative.


Every person is creative.

That is one of the cornerstone beliefs of this design house. The job of 1350 Design is to connect the creativity of the client to a physical outworking of that vision. 

Hi my name is Seth. First off, thank you for taking the time and visiting our site. I would love to show you a peak behind the scenes of who 1350 is.

Necessity drives invention. What started as little side projects for friends and family, has grown over the years and led me to creating this business. I remember starting out with a few supplies, and a small idea of what I wanted to someday achieve. The overall goal of this creative house, this 1350, is to instill that sense of pushing the bounds, and reawakening that inner explorer within all of us. With our choice of aesthetic, we wanted to tap into the ages of exploration. Whether that be the Renaissance explorers traversing the oceans, the frontier explorers mapping the west, or the new age explorers looking skyward, the soul is the same. We desire to help lift eyes off of the circumstances that trap, and gander past the obstacles to the far off land we all wish to be. That land is a little different for each of us, for some it might be a brand identity for their company, and for others it might be a little art in their house to help them connect with their creativity in new ways. In any case, it is our hope that we may assist you along this journey, so that all may imagine more, create more, and successfully reach that far off land.   




Born and raised in the mountains of Wyoming, studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, and currently living in New York City, Seth Coulter loves three, creativity, and his wife Tobi.

Fascinated by the idea that an explosion of art, science, and exploration could emerge out of a period like the Dark Ages to begin the Renaissance period, led him to create the identity and subsequent brand that is today 1350.