Logo Design / Rebranding

We provide a full logo design / redesign service. Whether you have an older logo you want to update or have never had a logo before, we can help you arrive at your goal.  


Rebranding is another addition you may want to add to your logo design package. We work with the client to create small graphics that are close cousins to the logo we just designed for said client. This may include graphics used for labels, signage, and print materials. 


Content Creation

Another service available to the client is content creation. We work with the client to create content for their social media platforms. This content is popular for, but not limited to, new rebrands or new campaign initiatives the client may be beginning.   



Lastly, 1350 Design can be commissioned to fulfill a wide range of projects not fitting the above categories. We are happy to design anything from office prints and art, to signs, home art, calendars, business cards, and everything in between.